What The Hell Was Draymond Green Thinking Wearing Shorts To The NBA Awards Last Night?

When it comes to the red carpet athletes and celebrities pretty much spare no expense on what they choose as their attire for the evening. We have seen everything from very expensive and extravagant suits and dresses to the other

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John McEnroe In Some Heat For Saying Serena Williams Couldn’t Beat The 700th Ranked Men’s Tennis Player

In today’s sports world it has become the norm to compare the greats with the current sports stars. Everyone and their mother is throwing their hat in the LeBron vs MJ debate right now. People have argued Brady vs Montana.

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LaVar Ball Strikes Again Steals The Show On WWE’s Monday Night Raw

LaVar Ball is making the most out of his 15 seconds of fame and now since his son, Lonzo Ball, is officially a Los Angeles Laker, it doesn’t appear like he is going to be going away anytime soon. Last

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Charlie Sheen Somehow Has Babe Ruth’s 1927 World Series Ring And Is Selling It

How in the world does Charlie Sheen possess Babe Ruth’s 1927 World Series ring and not someone in Ruth’s family? Somehow according to Ruth’s family all of Babe Ruth’s rings mysteriously disappeared and no one really knows how this happened.

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Russell Westbrook Is Your NBA MVP

The NBA awards show was last night and the most anticipated and talked about award was the NBA MVP. The finalist were Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook, Houston Rockets’ James Harden, and San Antonio Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard. But the real

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Justine Kish Appeared To Literally Crap Herself While Fighting Off A Choke

During her fight against Felice Herrig in Oklahoma City at UFC Fight Night, Justine Kish was caught in a severe rear naked choke. Kish miraculously somehow managed to escape out of the choke by Herrig even though it appeared as

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Kevin Millar Cowboyed Up One More Time And Mashed A Homerun In Independent Baseball

Former MLB player Kevin Millar apparently still has it. Millar, who is well known these days for his co-hosting role on MLB Network’s show Intentional Talk with Chris Rose, returned to the diamond for on last at-bat for the St.

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