Wild Pitch

Recently with the high demand of people on the road traveling, certain companies have raised their prices. One of which is Uber, a neo-taxi service company. Such price hikes would obviously draw some complaints. One such complaint from an Uber customer came from Justin Verlander, the flame-throwing pitcher of the Detroit Tigers. This is what he put out on the social media world via Twitter.

Normally this wouldn’t be such a big deal, but Justin Verlander is not your normal customer. Verlander has made over 86.5 million dollars over his baseball career so far and is probably going to make another 140 million when his career comes to an end. So a complaint about having to pay a little over $40 for an upscale taxi service coming from a person with the bank account of Verlander is a bit absurd. But what makes this complaint even worse is the person that just so happened to be in the vehicle with Verlander was his supermodel girlfriend, Kate Upton.

Seriously?!? With all the real life issues in the world today, you’re going to complain about a taxi service company raising their prices. Most people can only dream about being able to afford a taxi service let alone an upscale service like Uber. What’s next. Are you going to cry about McDonalds raising the price of the Big Mac? Com’on man. Before complaining about something so insignificant try complimenting someone who is making a difference. Next time think before you tweet.

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