After all the hype. After all the trash talk. After all the press conferences. After Jose Aldo had pulled out of UFC 189. The most anticipated fight in UFC history, “The Notorious” Conor Mcgregor vs. Jose Aldo, finally took place last night in UFC 194.

This fight was a year in the making, but it was the shortest title fight in UFC history. With one punch, Conor Mcgregor knocked out Jose Aldo only 13 seconds into the first round.

Leading up to the fight, there was a lot of doubt circling around Mcgregor. Many people didn’t think that he was ready to face such a prolific fighter as Aldo, who hadn’t lost a fight in 10 years. There were a few fighters that believed they deserved to fight for the title before Mcgregor. Others thought that Mcgregor was all talk. While there were still others who believed he was just a lot of hype. Some people even believed that he wasn’t that good of a fighter.

All of this was silenced with one punch. All of this was put to rest with one left-hand hook. All of the hate, all of the doubt, all of the critics, all of the questions were answered in 13 short seconds. Conor Mcgregor is the undisputed UFC Featherweight Champion of the World. Period.

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