Every Rose Has Its Thorn


This week was very unfortunate for the game of baseball. Now I love baseball. I’ve played, watched, wrote, and been a part of baseball my whole life. But baseball took a big hit this week in my eyes. Here’s what happened.

The new commissioner of Major League Baseball, Robert Manfred, decided not to lift Pete Rose’s ban of baseball. Manfred ruled that Rose’s ban would be for life. A little side bar for those of you who don’t know, Pete Rose has been banned for the last 26 years for betting on baseball, which is a cardinal sin, while he was playing and coaching. For the last 26 years, Rose has been locked out of being inducted into Baseball’s Hall of Fame. Which if we were just going on Rose’s numbers, he would hands down without a doubt be a first ballot hall of famer.

Now no way am I saying that I think what Pete Rose did was right. And I am not dismissing the fact that he bet on baseball. But what I am saying is there comes a time where enough is enough. And we need to forgive and move on with our lives.

This decision by Manfred casts a huge shadow over the game of baseball. Baseball has fallen into the trap of the world we live in that is full of people who like to throw stones at others from their glass houses. People who like to point out others faults. People who look down on others shortcomings from their lofty thrones. People who can’t get past the past. People who have no compassion. People who want forgiveness but struggle to forgive others.

It’s a tough world we live in when you are defined by the one mistake you made instead of the countless things you’ve done right. When your failure is always brought up instead of your successes. When people point out the bad thing you’ve done rather than talk about all the good things you’ve done.

The saying goes “Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes.” I wish Robert Manfred and Major League Baseball would have taken this stance before they made their decision. I wish they would have thought about “What if the shoe was on the other foot?” I wish they would have reflected on all the times in their lives where they were shown grace, mercy, compassion, and forgiveness. Then they would have been able to take a stand and make right what has been so awfully wrong these past 26 years.

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2 comments on “Every Rose Has Its Thorn
  1. I heard a decent compromise proposed on a sports radio show the other day. Put Rose in the hall after he passes away. That way you have the hits leader in the Hall where he belongs but Rose doesn’t get to make his speech. The fact is that he didn’t step up when he should have. He lied about gambling for years only to come clean as a means of promoting his book.


    • atoj247 says:

      I know he screwed up and he lied about it. But there have been others in baseball who have done the same. Take Arod for example. He screwed up, he lied about it, he served his suspension, and was given a second chance. Not sure why others have been given second chances but not Rose. It’s been 26 years. I think he has served his time. I think Major League Baseball needs to be the bigger man in this situation, let bygones be bygones, and give the guy a second chance.

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