Up and Adam

You’ve probably heard this story by now, unless you’re living under a rock somewhere, but Adam LaRoche, formerly of the Chicago WhiteSox, spontaneously retired on Tuesday. The reason: Because the WhiteSox told LaRoche that his 14 year old son, Drake, was no longer allowed in the team’s clubhouse. 

First question that comes to mind is: Why isn’t LaRoche’s son in school like all the rest of the kids his age? Drake is apparently home schooled. The thing that stood out to me was LaRoche’s response when asked this question. He said “We’re not big on school. I told my wife, ‘He’s going to learn a lot more useful information in the clubhouse than he will in the classroom, as far as life lessons.’” Not really sure if I can agree with Adam on that one. I can say from experience that a baseball clubhouse is not exactly the ideal place to raise your son. There is a lot of things said and done in a lockeroom that aren’t appropriate for children. Not saying that there isn’t any good things that can be learned in a lockeroom, cause not everything that takes place inside a big league clubhouse is bad, but there is just some things that go on that kids just don’t need to be exposed to. Also the last time I checked, I never heard Newtons’ Laws of Physics being discussed in the lockeroom.

Now I can agree with both sides of this story. I can stand with LaRoche that family comes first. This decision was a very costly one for LaRoche as he forfeited $13 million. But there is no price tag on family. But I can also see the WhiteSox side as well. If they allow LaRoche’s son to continue being heavily involved with the team, the kid was so involved he had his own locker, how long would it be for the rest of the players on the WhiteSox wanting their kids to have preferential treatment. Kenny Williams, the VP of the WhiteSox, even made a valid point when he said “Tell me where in America can you bring your child to work every day?”

I still think there is more to this story that we don’t know. It’s hard to believe that LaRoche would forfeit $13 million and retire unannounced just because the WhiteSox told him to dial it back a little bit when it came to his son’s involvement with the team. I’m sure we will find out the true reason for LaRoche’s actions in the next week. I got to believe there is more to this than meets the eye.

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