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Richard Sherman Is Giving Out A College Scholarship To One Lucky High School Graduate

Richard Sherman sent out a challenge to a local high school student and that student accepted his challenge. The Seahawks cornerback challenged high school student Hershai James to improve her grades by providing her with an offer she couldn’t refuse.

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Probably The Craziest Detail Of Tiger Woods’ Recent DUI Arrest

As in all cases, after a news story breaks, more details come out that piece the whole story together in order for us to get the truth about what really happened. One of the most sneakily interesting news from the

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This Is Probably The Handshake Of All Handshakes

People have come up with some interesting handshake routines nowadays. Especially professional athletes. There are pregame handshakes and there are post game handshakes. There are handshakes in baseball after someone hits a home run and there are handshakes in football

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Guy Sneaks Catfish Into Game 1 Of The Stanley Cup Final

Nashville Predators fan Jake Waddell drove nine hours with a fish in his pants so that he could throw it on the ice during game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final in an attempt to curse the opposing team, Pittsburgh

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Maxime Hamou Pulls A Joe Namath And Gets Kicked Out Of French Open

French tennis player Maxime Hamou has been banned from the French Open for “inappropriate behaviour.” Hamou repeatedly tried to kiss a female reporter during a live TV interview despite her constant protests. Let’s see what Twitter thought of Hamou’s unprovoked

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LaMelo Ball Might Not Be Good At Basketball

Another repercussion of LaVar Ball’s antics has surfaced. First LaVar cost his oldest son, Lonzo, millions of dollars. Now his antics has placed his sons under a microscope of criticism. LaVar has written some checks that apparently his sons can’t

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Buster Posey Apparently Is A Lover Not A Fighter

Normally in baseball when a batter is about to charge the mound, the catcher will get in between the batter and the pitcher in order to protect his pitcher from getting hurt. Yesterday in a game between the Washington Nationals

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