Sidney Crosby Playing Concussed Is Not A Good Look For The NHL


After taking a vicious hit to the head by Washington Capitals Matt Niskanen in game 3 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals, Pittsburgh Penguins Sidney Crosby was ruled out for game 4 because of a concussion. Crosby came back to play in game 5. But in game 6 of the series, Crosby was checked and ended up crashing headfirst into the boards. What made this so egregious, Crosby remained in the game and wasn’t evaluated for a concussion. The NHL had a bizarre explanation for why action wasn’t taken place. Apparently Concussion spotters didn’t have the authority to pull Crosby from Game 6 on Monday because his head-first collision with the boards is not a “mechanism of injury” that allows that under their guidelines.

Let’s see what Twitter had to say about this one.

Under the current NHL concussion policy, the league’s central concussion spotter only would have been able to force Crosby out had his head hit the ice or another player. And what makes matters worse here is that concussion spotters don’t take the player’s concussion history into account. What?!? Apparently, according to the NHL, it’s only an indicator that a player might have a concussion if the player takes a hit from another player or from the ice. Not crashing head first into the boards. Any head contact should be an indicator of a possible concussion. How is this still a thing in 2017? And we thought the NFL’s concussion protocol was bad.

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