Markieff Morris Does What We All Would Like To Do To Stephen A. Smith


ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith is known for saying some questionable things that tend to rub people the wrong way. He has a tendency of criticizing professional athletes. Some of his critiques end up getting responses because it gets under certain players’ skin. Recently Stephen A. had been going off on how bad the Washington Wizards looked in game 5 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals. And he especially criticized Washington Forward Markieff Morris for being MIA. Well after the Wizards pulled out a must win in game 6 keeping their championship hopes alive, the stars aligned perfectly for Morris to respond to Stephen A’s criticism. Stephen A. was working the game and was standing in the runway to the Wizards locker-room. When Morris was walking to the locker-room after the game, he paused right by Stephen A. and slapped him in the backside.

Let’s see what Twitter thought of Morris smacking Stephen A. on the ass.


Markieff Morris being a man of the people and doing to Stephen A. what we would all love to do to him after he says one of his ridiculous takes. Some of us though would probably like to do much worse to Stephen A. but we will enjoy this one for a while. With all the offensive, critical, and stupid stuff Stephen A. says I'm not sure why something like this doesn't happen more often. Maybe it does but it doesn't get caught on camera like this did.

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