Predators National Anthem Singer Is Not Too Happy He Got The Boot For Carrie Underwood


When it comes to the playoffs, teams break out all the top guns in order to entertain the fans and win the game. So it’s no surprise that the Nashville Predators replaced their normal National Anthem singer with a bunch of country music stars. Com’on it’s Nashville. Home of country music. However, this struck a sour chord with their regular Anthem singer, Dennis K. Morgan. Morgan, who has sung at about 185 Predator games over the past 17 years, told The Tennessean he has been hurt and disappointed by being upstaged by A-list country acts, including Carrie Underwood, who is married to team captain Mike Fisher.

Let’s see what Twitter was chirping about on this one.


Very interesting move for the Predators to change things up for the playoffs considering how superstitious players and fans can be. With that said I don't see Morgan getting his job back anytime soon since the Predators are undefeated at home since he was replaced by a bunch of country music stars during the playoffs. I do, however, understand why he is butt hurt. This is probably his one shining moment in life.

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