Jose Bautista Pisses People Off Again With Another Bat Flip


Back in 2015 in game 5 of the ALDS, Jose Bautista went viral with the bat flip heard round the world. At the time emotions and the stage were sky high, so people understood Bautista’s reaction in that high intensity moment. Baseball is an old school game and there is a lot of unwritten rules that come with playing the game. There is a time and place for everything and the majority of the people thought Bautista was in the right when he did his bat flip in the ALDS. However, when you do something like this at not the most appropriate time, people tend to take offense with it. As did happen the other night at SunTrust Park when the Toronto Blue Jays were playing the Atlanta Braves. In the eighth inning with the Blue Jays trailing 8-3, Bautista blasted an Eric O’Flaherty pitch 407 feet over the left-field fence. The Blue Jays slugger showboated with his trademark bat flip as he set off for first base, the Braves took exception, and players reconvened for another on-field gathering. This was the second bench clearing in the game. The first one happened just one inning earlier when Kevin Pillar took exception to Jason Motte quick pitching him.

Let’s see what Twitter thought of Bautista’s most recent bat flip incident.


The Braves obviously responded as Julio Teheran hit Bautista in the left thigh with a 96 mph fastball in the first inning of the very next game. Hopefully that is the end of it and the Blue Jays don't choose to retaliate so we can get back to playing baseball. Not saying what Bautista did was right, but with all the young talent in the game today, I think it's time the game progresses and we can put an end to these so called unwritten rules and let the players have fun playing the game of baseball. Batters don't flip out after pitchers fist pump and celebrate after a big strikeout or getting out of a jam. So why do pitchers get their feelings hurt when a batter celebrates a big moment? I think it's time for Major League Baseball players to put their big boy pants on and go back to playing for the love of the game. Football is no better for penalizing players and fining them for celebrating scoring a touchdown. Let's go back to the roots and start having fun again. After all, it is suppose to be a fun game.

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