Weekly Water Cooler Talk – Week 2

water cooler talk

This is week 2 of the Weekly Water Cooler Talk, your cheat sheet to the week that was in sports. This is your Spark Notes per say of the top stories that took place this past week in the world of sports so that you will have the confidence on Monday morning when you gather around the water cooler with your coworkers. A quick synopsis of a few sentences for you to take with you in order to show off your sports knowledge at work. Also after each synopsis will be a link to a blog post that goes more in-depth on each story if you feel the need to dive in a little deeper on each subject. Here we go.

ESPN Tells Mike & Mike To Take A Hike

ESPN is revamping and reinventing it’s schedule of shows following it’s internet breaking news of laying off about 100 of their on-air staffers. One of the biggest results of this new show change is ESPN has decided to end it’s most popular morning radio show Mike & Mike. After about 18 years of being on air, the show is no more and people weren’t too happy with ESPN’s decision, including Mike Golic’s son, Jake.

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LaVar Ball Is At It Again

No one has made more headlines and made more noise in the past few months than LaVar Ball. From his asinine comments to his Big Baller Brand, LaVar does not disappoint when it comes to entertainment. Although it seems like every time this guy is given the chance to speak, he says something that tends to rub people the wrong way. Classic foot in mouth disease. This week LaVar Ball went on FS1’s show The Herd with Colin Cowherd and wouldn’t even acknowledge Cowherd’s co-host Kristine Leahy and said Jason Whitlock can only comment on snacks. Apparently Big Baller Brand comes with a Big Baller Mouth.

Get A Little More In-Depth Here

There Was An Apparent Flashing At The Marlins Game

One of the most recognized figures in sports today is this guy who goes around to baseball games wearing a Marlins jersey. He has been appropriately deemed as Marlins Man. Well Marlins Man has become so popular recently that he has gathered himself an entourage that has been coined as the Marlins Mermaids. Apparently at one of the Marlins home games this past week, when Marlins Man was not around to keep his lady friends in check, one of them decided to distract the opposing pitcher. She chose to use the method that has been used to distract men for years and that is to flash him.

Find Out More Here

Kevin Pillar Was Really Pissed Off After Striking Out

Toronto Blue Jays Kevin Pillar wasn’t too happy with Atlanta Braves pitcher Jason Motte after striking out. Pillar yelled something in the direction of Motte, Motte took offense to it, and both benches cleared. After looking at the replay, it was apparent that Pillar shouted a homophobic slur at Motte. Pillar immediately appologized in a post game interview and on social media for his actions. As a result of this, the Blue Jays suspended Pillar for two games.

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RG3 Gets Engaged

Robert Griffin III still can’t find a NFL team to say yes to him but he was able to get his pregnant girlfriend, Grete Sadeiko, to say yes. RG3 got engaged to his baby mamma this past week. He is officially about to sign a contract, a marriage contract. The former Cleveland Browns quarterback has had quite a roller coaster ride ever since he got drafted out of Baylor by the Washington Redskins back in 2012 and this just adds to it.

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Markieff Morris Does Something To Stephen A. We Would All Like To Do

Stephen A. Smith can be very critical at times. He has been known to ruffle a few feathers here and there with some of his comments on ESPN’s First Take and his radio show. Recently he had been getting on the Washington Wizards for their lack luster performance particularly Markieff Morris. So after pulling out the victory in a must win game for the Wizards, Morris just so happen to be walking by Stephen A. on his way to the locker room. Well Morris stopped when he got to Stephen A. and gave him a pretty good slap on the ass. Don’t we all wish we could have the opportunity to do just that?

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Lebron James Is Pretty Good At Basketball

During a practice before game 1 of the Eastern Conference Final, a video surfaced that reminded all of us just how good Lebron James is at basketball. In the video, Lebron just casually swishes a full court shot. After nailing the shot, Lebron yells out “Give me my money.” It’s things like these that just make you wonder if this guy is even human. One thing we know for sure Lebron is arguably the greatest to ever play the game of basketball. Let’s all make sure we appreciate this greatness while we still can.

Dive Deeper Right Here


Well there you have it. That wraps up week 2 of the Weekly Water Cooler Talk. You have been given the tools for success. Now go out there with confidence and take your fellow cube warriors by storm.


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