Weekly Water Cooler Talk – Week 3

water cooler talk

This is week 3 of the Weekly Water Cooler Talk, your cheat sheet to the week that was in sports. This is your Spark Notes per say of the top stories that took place this past week in the world of sports so that you will have the confidence on Monday morning when you gather around the water cooler with your coworkers. A quick synopsis of a few sentences for you to take with you in order to show off your sports knowledge at work. Also after each synopsis will be a link to a blog post that goes more in-depth on each story if you feel the need to dive in a little deeper on each subject. Here we go.

Security Guard Of The Year

The security for the Atlanta Braves at SunTrust Park was in the news for all the wrong reasons this week. From being a little aggressive confronting a fan who fell over into the field of play to not using much common sense. Let’s just say it wasn’t a very good look for Braves security when one of their personnel decided to take a ball from a young fan. Yes the rule is that the fan gets kicked out of the game if they interfere with a live ball, but to take that ball away from a kid, that’s a little bit too much.

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Brock Osweiler Shows A Lot Of Confidence In His Past

Cleveland Browns quarterback, Brock Osweiler, had the response when asked by a Cleveland reporter whether or not he thinks that he is good enough to start in the NFL. Osweiler basically told reporters to go back and check the tapes when he said “The proof is in the film.” But do you blame him for being that confident? After seeing the laundry list of quarterbacks that have started for the Browns since 1999, I would be pretty confident too. He can’t be much worse. Can he?

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Cubs Game Gets Rained Out

A game between the Chicago Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers was rained out this past week. Doesn’t seem like much of a big deal. Until you find out that it didn’t even rain. Brewers manager Craig Counsel wasn’t too pleased, to say the least. This left Counsel, among many others, wondering what the real reason was behind the Cubs cancelling their game.

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Mookie Wilson Had An Interesting Slump Busting Technique

When it comes to slumps in baseball, players will try pretty much everything to break themselves out of it. Former New York Mets outfield Mookie Wilson probably had the best strategy when it came to breaking out of a slump. Wilson said that he would think about dinosaurs and that was the trick to breaking out of his slumps. Pretty bold strategy if you ask me.

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Shaq Playing Rec Basketball Should Be Illegal 

Former NBA superstar center Shaquille O’Neal playing in the over 40 league at the local YMCA just isn’t fair. Shaq used to dominate NBA All-Stars. So you can only imagine what happens when he plays against average joes like you and me. Let’s just say it didn’t go over so well for this one individual in a white t-shirt and black shorts.

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Joe Girardi With An Epic Tirade

You’re not supposed to argue balls and strikes in baseball but that doesn’t stop players and managers from doing so when they think the umpire blew a call. And when they do argue sometimes it’s pretty civil but then other times it gets a little out of hand. Like this past week when New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi wasn’t to happy when the umpire tossed his pitching coach for arguing balls and strikes and he didn’t hold anything back. Girardi said after the game that when he argues he makes sure he gets his moneys’ worth.

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TSA Agent Apparently Doesn’t Know His Countries Olympic Athletes

U.S. Olympic athlete Aly Raisman took to Twitter to recount an alleged encounter she had with a TSA agent at the airport where she claims she was body shamed. The three-time Olympic gold medalist is calling out an airport security worker for questioning whether she had enough muscles to be a gymnast.

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Well there you have it. That wraps up week 3 of the Weekly Water Cooler Talk. You have been given the tools for success. Now go out there with confidence and take your fellow cube warriors by storm.

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