No One Has Fallen Further And Faster From Grace Than Tiger Woods


The paint had not yet dried on Tiger Woods’ announcement that he was feeling the best he had ever felt and was poised to get back to playing golf in the PGA. Well that comeback took a major hit as Tiger was arrested for DUI near his home in Jupiter, Florida at 3 a.m. on Memorial Day.

Let’s see what people were saying on Twitter about this latest incident with Tiger.


Tiger is claiming that no alcohol was involved in his DUI, but it was an unexpected reaction to prescription pain medication that caused the issue. Either way things are not looking good for Tiger. As soon as it looks like he is going to start to turn his life around, another setback like this occurs. At this point Tiger needs to stop focusing on trying to make a comeback in golf and start to get the help he needs to get his personal life in order. Because right now that is more important than winning another golf major.

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