Weekly Water Cooler Talk – Week 4

water cooler talk

This is week 4 of the Weekly Water Cooler Talk, your cheat sheet to the week that was in sports. This is your Spark Notes per say of the top stories that took place this past week in the world of sports so that you will have the confidence on Monday morning when you gather around the water cooler with your coworkers. A quick synopsis of a few sentences for you to take with you in order to show off your sports knowledge at work. Also after each synopsis will be a link to a blog post that goes more in-depth on each story if you feel the need to dive in a little deeper on each subject. Here we go.

Probably The Craziest Detail Of The Whole Tiger Woods DUI Saga

Tiger Woods apparently couldn’t pass any of the tasks asked of him to perform of the field sobriety test when he was arrested for DUI. Shockingly the one task he allegedly could perform was the Romberg Alphabet. What is the Romberg Alphabet? Glad you asked. It is reciting the national anthem backwards. What?!? Yup. Tiger Woods couldn’t stand on one foot but somehow was able to say the national anthem backwards. I find that hard to believe.

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A New LaMelo Ball Mixtape Came Out And It’s Not Good

LaVar Ball has been notorious the last few months of letting everyone know how good his sons are at playing basketball. He has received a lot of criticism from various media outlets that he is placing too much pressure on his kids. He has put them under a microscope of scrutiny and this new mixtape of his youngest son, LaMelo Ball, is proof of just that.

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Buster Posey Wanted Nothing To Do With The Latest Bench Clearing Brawl

When a batter chooses to charge the mound after being hit by a pitch or thrown at by a pitcher, it is the catcher’s job to make sure he gets in-between the batter and the pitcher in order to protect his pitcher from getting hurt. Well apparently San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey missed this memo. When his pitcher Hunter Strickland hit Washington Nationals Bryce Harper, Posey left his pitcher out to dry. Posey’s response when questioned on why he didn’t have Strickland’s back “The only thing I’m catching today is baseballs, not hands.”

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John Clayton Is The Latest Victim Of The ESPN Layoffs

Long time ESPN NFL Reporter John Clayton was the latest victim of the recent ESPN firings of their on-air staffers. This came as a shock to many since Clayton had been with ESPN since August of 1995. He remains host of a daily radio show on KIRO-AM in Seattle, an ESPN affiliate that is not owned by Disney.

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Richard Sherman Is Paying For A High School Student To Go To College

Seattle Seahawks All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman put out a challenge to a local high school student. Sherman said if high school student Hershai James became an honor student during her senior year, he’d grant her a personally funded scholarship. Well James raised here GPA to a 3.0 and Sherman, being the outstanding man that he is, has stated that he is going to honor his promise.

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Maxime Hamou Pulls A Joe Namath And Gets Kicked Out Of French Open

Tennis player Maxime Hamou got kicked out of the French Open for “inappropriate behaviour.” During a live TV interview Hamou repeatedly tried to kiss a woman reporter. The reporter’s constant dismissal still didn’t discourage Hamou as he kept being persistent in his advancements. I guess we can say this was a French kiss gone bad.

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Guy Sneaks Catfish Into Game 1 Of The Stanley Cup Final

A Nashville Predators fan drove 9 hours with a catfish in his pants in order for him to be able to throw it on the ice during game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final in an effort to curse the opposing team, Pittsburgh Penguins. His efforts ended up being in vain as he was arrested and charged and the Penguins won the game 5-3.

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Well there you have it. That wraps up week 4 of the Weekly Water Cooler Talk. You have been given the tools for success. Now go out there with confidence and take your fellow cube warriors by storm.

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