Mike Brown Got Paid By The Cavs To Beat Them In Game 1 Of The NBA Finals

Cleveland Cavaliers' Brown directs his team against the Boston Celtics during their NBA game in Cleveland

After being fired twice by the Cleveland Cavaliers, it only makes sense that the Cavs are still paying their former coach Mike Brown to coach against them in the NBA Finals. The Golden State Warriors interim coach joined the team as an assistant coach last year, but it may surprise some fans that he is still being paid by the Cavaliers. Brown signed a five-year $20 million contract in 2013 and the Cavs still owe him money. So essentially the Cavs paid Brown to beat them in Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

Let’s see what Twitter was saying about the Cavs still paying Brown.


Karma is a bitch. This only serves the Cavs right after how they treated Brown, running him out of town twice.

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