Sidney Crosby Tells P.K. Subban To Have A Tic Tac


Allegedly Pittsburgh Penguins Sidney Crosby thinks Nashville Predators P.K. Subban needs to look into using breath mints. During a postgame interview after game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final, Subban claimed that the Penguins captain made a snide remark about his breath. Crosby has since denied this allegation by Subban, but it hasn’t stopped people from talking about it.

To make matters worse and to escalate things a bit, and maybe to troll Crosby, Subban showed up to Game 4 will a full bottle of Listerine mouthwash.

Whether this story is true or not doesn’t really matter. It’s good to see there are professional athletes like Subban out there having a little fun instead of being so serious all the time. To all the haters out there who think that Subban needs to be more focusead and this is the reason why he got run out of Montreal all I have to say is.

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