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Joey Votto Will Get Zack Cozart A Donkey If He Makes The All Star Team…Say What?!?

Teammates make gentlemen’s bets between each other all the time in sports. But none of them are as crazy as the recent one between Cincinnati Reds teammates, Joey Votto and Zack Cozart. Votto bet Cozart that he would get him

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Eddie Lacy Made $55K Today For Not Being Fat Again

One of the most anticipated moments in boxing, wrestling, and mixed martial arts is the event called ‘the weigh ins’. When a fighter makes weight it is a pretty significant accomplishment because they train and workout a lot in order

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Kickboxer Gets Attacked By Fans After Controversial Sucker Punch KO

The number one rule in boxing, and in combat sports in general, is to protect yourself at all times. Well apparently Harut Grigorian forgot this rule. In a Glory Kickboxing match over the weekend Grigorian turned his back on his

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Dave Roberts Puts Reporter In A Body Bag

One of the best things about sports is when a reporter asks a dumb question in a press conference and the coach or player puts them on blast for it. Former football coach Bill Parcels was probably the most infamous

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Apparently LeBron’s Family Didn’t Want Him To Go Back To Cleveland

When LeBron James left his hometown of Cleveland to go to the Miami Heat in order to pursue a NBA championship, Cleveland fans took it pretty rough. Fans burnt his jersey and pictures, like the one above, came out depicting

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2017 MLB Draft Is Tonight

The 2017 Major League Baseball draft kicks off tonight and people are already buzzing about it. For some teams and college and high school baseball players, this night changes the projection of them all. This night can be life altering

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Aaron Judge Pretty Much Hit A Baseball To The Moon

The New York Yankees star young phenom Aaron Judge is pretty much legitimizing the Yankees giving him his own dedicated section in the right field stands of Yankee Stadium. The 6’7″ rookie right fielder hit a towering blast at Yankee Stadium that traveled

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