Eddie Lacy Made $55K Today For Not Being Fat Again


One of the most anticipated moments in boxing, wrestling, and mixed martial arts is the event called ‘the weigh ins’. When a fighter makes weight it is a pretty significant accomplishment because they train and workout a lot in order to cut the necessary pounds to make what is called “fighting weight.” In fact the UFC alone does a special TV telecast on Friday nights of all the fighters stepping up to the scale to weigh in before their fights on Saturday. Well probably the most anticipated weigh in these days, in fact, takes place outside of the world of fighting. It has been well documented that NFL running back Eddie Lacy has had trouble with his weight. And because of this the Seattle Seahawks put in some weight loss incentives in his contract. Well today was the second weigh in for Lacy since signing that weight incentive heavy contract with the Seahawks.

Let’s see what people were saying about this.


Not a bad day at work for Lacy here. Not many of us can say we made $55k in one day. And less of us out there can say we made that much money for just stepping onto a scale. In fact, the majority of us pay others to lose weight not get paid for losing weight. Talk about someone making the most out of his situation. All in all Lacy could make an extra $385k for not being overweight. Needless to say that would be a very fat check.

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