Mental Error Monday – Seattle Mariners Infield


My high school baseball coach had us run a mile in practice as punishment for every mental mistake we had made in the previous baseball game. He didn’t really punish us for making physical mistakes because those are pretty much inevitable but mental mistakes, like missing a sign or failing to run the bases properly, that could be avoided were not tolerated. So in honor of my high school baseball coach here is a new segment called ‘Mental Error Monday’. In this segment we will talk about a mental error that was made by someone or some team that took place over the weekend in the world of sports. So without further ado, here is this weeks ‘Mental Error Monday’.

Ever so often in Major League Baseball someone catches the other team sleeping and pulls off a play that would otherwise be seen during a little league game. Well yesterday we had so called play take place in the Toronto Blue Jays/Seattle Mariners game. Here is what happened.

Jose Bautista catching the whole Mariners infield sleeping on the job. This had to be something the Blue Jays saw that the Mariners were doing during the game whenever a batter would walk and thought they could exploit it. Heads up base running by Joey Bats taking advantage of the Mariners infield with their heads down. Tough lesson for the Mariners pitcher and middle infielders to learn but I bet they will be paying attention from now on and not take it for granted that the batter is just going to leisurely stroll to first base after a walk. A classic mental error here and for that we just have to say.


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