LeBron With Probably The Dumbest Reason Why Tom Brady Isn’t The GOAT


I have heard a lot of arguments from people debating who is the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time). But none of them have come close to the idiocy of LeBron James. ESPN came out with a YouTube video called ‘The Shop’ and in this video LeBron James, Draymond Green, Maverick Carter, and others are sitting around in a barbershop having a conversation. Well when the topic of GOAT came up, which always comes up when LeBron James is involved, this is what was said.


And this is how Patriot nation reacted when they heard LeBron James' comments on Tom Brady not being the GOAT.

Granted LeBron did say that Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time. And you're pretty much comparing apples to oranges when you debate who is the greatest athlete because each sport varies. But saying you can't be considered for the greatest athlete of all time because you don't play defense is absurd. That means greats like Lawrence Taylor, Jim Brown, and Joe Montana aren't even in the conversation according to LeBron because they only played one side of the ball. According to LeBron's logic here Troy Brown would be considered a greater athlete than Jerry Rice because Brown occasionally played some defense for the New England Patriots. No disrespect to Troy Brown, but no one in their right mind even has him in the same conversation as Jerry Rice. Besides LeBron pretty much indites himself because we all know there is no defense played in the NBA today. In fact LeBron has probably taken off more defensive plays in his career than Brady has. And that is saying something because Brady doesn't even play defense. Com'on LeBron you have to be better than that.

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