Weekly Water Cooler Talk – Week 6

water cooler talk

This is week 6 of the Weekly Water Cooler Talk, your cheat sheet to the week that was in sports. This is your Spark Notes per say of the top stories that took place this past week in the world of sports so that you will have the confidence on Monday morning when you gather around the water cooler with your coworkers. A quick synopsis of a few sentences for you to take with you in order to show off your sports knowledge at work. Also after each synopsis will be a link to a blog post that goes more in-depth on each story if you feel the need to dive in a little deeper on each subject. Here we go.

Louisville’s Brendan McKay Didn’t Seem Too Pleased To Be Drafted

The normal reaction for someone when their dream comes true of being selected in the MLB draft is elation, celebration, and excitement. But not Louisville’s Brendan McKay. McKay almost seemed like he was pissed that he was drafted 4th overall and was about to make millions of dollars. Definitely not the reaction the Tampa Bay Rays were probably looking for out of their first round pick.

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Kickboxer Gets Attacked By Fans After Sucker Punch

The #1 rule in all of combat sports is to protect yourself at all times. It is pretty much the last instruction the referee tells the fighters right before they ring the bell. During a recent Glory Kickboxing match one of the fighters forgot this rule and paid dearly for it. He was caught by a sucker punch while he was walking away and was knocked out. Some fans took offense to this cheap shot and stormed the ring attacking the kickboxer who threw the controversial punch.

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Oregon State Star Pitcher Goes Undrafted

After news broke that Oregon State pitcher Luke Heimlich was a convicted sex offender, word got out that at least four MLB teams had taken him off their draft board. But what happened next I don’t think anyone saw coming. Heimlich didn’t get selected at all in this past weeks MLB draft and he eventually chose to drop off the Oregon State baseball team. He goes from being the top pitcher in college baseball to not even being drafted to quitting baseball altogether. What a crazy turn of events in a couple of weeks.

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Kevin Durant Isn’t A Fan Of Beer

During the locker-room celebration after the Golden State Warriors won the NBA championship, a scene was caught on camera that Kevin Durant would most likely want to take back. Durant was seen drinking a beer then immediately spitting the beer back out. Apparently Durant isn’t much of a beer drinker and we found out about it in probably the worst way possible.

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Phil Mickelson Withdrew From The U.S. Open To Attend His Daughter’s Graduation

There was a lot of crazy things that took place this past weekend in Erin Hills at the U.S. Open. But one of the feel good stories was when Phil Mickelson chose to attend his daughter’s graduation rather than play a few rounds of golf. Pretty good example by the lefty here on what it looks like to be a father. And to do this on Father’s Day weekend makes it that much better.

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Well there you have it. That wraps up week 6 of the Weekly Water Cooler Talk. You have been given the tools for success. Now go out there with confidence and take your fellow cube warriors by storm.

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