The NBA Has Replaced Development With Gatorade In It’s D-League


The NBA seems to be marketing geniuses and every other major sports league needs to take a page out of their playbook. The NBA season ended about a week ago and every major sports outlet is still talking about them. Between the NBA Draft that is coming up this Thursday to all the trade rumors floating around, people can’t seem to get enough of the NBA in their airways. Now news has come out that the NBA is exchanging the ‘D’ for a ‘G’ in their summer developmental league. The NBA D-League is now going to become the NBA G-League. What does the ‘G’ stand for you ask? Well it is for Gatorade of course. How else do you develop great NBA players? You have them drink a lot of Gatorade. You’ve seen the Paul George commercial, right? Here’s what people were saying about this re-branding of the NBA summer league.


In our world today money talks. And apparently Gatorade showed the NBA enough money in order to prompt this re-brand of their summer developmental league.

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