Packers Fan Gets Married And Takes The Last Name Of His Wife


It’s 2017. We’ve seen some crazy things happen in our world today. So nothing really surprises us. There isn’t news too shocking that, if we heard about it, it would throw us for a loop. But this one kind of caught me off guard. Now I have seen a lot of things in my days of playing, coaching, watching, and writing about sports. And I’ve heard about and I know that fans do some crazy things to show their support for their beloved sports team or franchise. But this one is even news to me. Apparently a man married a woman and took her last name because it just so happen to be the same name as his favorite football team. Yes you heard that correctly. Die-hard Green Bay Packer fan Ryan Holtan-Murphy took his wife’s last name instead of her taking his name because of course her last name is ‘Packer.’ Here is what people had to say about this odd story.


Imagine how long it must have taken this guy to find a woman with the last name of Packer? My only stipulation for my wife is that she couldn't be a New York Yankees fan. I didn't go looking for women with the last name of RedSox, Celtic, Patriot, Bruin, or Boston. I imagine this guy flipping through his local Yellow Pages calling all the women listed in there with the last name of Packer until he got one that was willing to go on a date with him. I imagine the phone call went something like this. "Hi my name is Ryan. I am calling you because I noticed that your last name is Packer. I was wondering if you would like to go out on a date with me sometime. Because I am looking to marry someone with your last name so that I can take it as my own. What do you say?" However this guy went about it, it ended up working. And now he can die in peace knowing that he will forever be a Packer.

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