Stephen A. Smith Calls Lamar Odom A Crackhead On TV


ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith is known for his loud mouth and hot takes. And today on First Take proved to be no different when he made this comment about former NBA star Lamar Odom.


I know this allegation by Stephen A. is probably true. But why do you have to kick a man while he is down? Here is what people had to say about Stephen A's latest comments.

The last time we heard anything from Lamar Odom was when he was found pent up in one of the rooms at the Bunny Ranch after overdosing on penis pills. He had pretty much sailed off into obscurity after that and hadn't been heard of since. Until today, when Stephen A. had to accuse him of being a crackhead on live TV. I guess the ratings for First Take had been dropping and Stephen A. had to do something to get people talking about the show again. Well congratulations. I think it's safe to say this one comment about Odom has done just that. I guess nobody is safe as long as Stephen A. is given a mic.

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