College Football Coaches Have Taken This Recruiting Thing Too Far As Illinois And Lovie Smith Offer A 10-Year-Old A Scholarship


This college recruiting thing is getting out of hand. First it was Lane Kiffin back in May offering a 13 year old a scholarship to play for the Owls at Florida Atlantic University. Then Hawaii did one better than that and offered a 11 year old a D-1 scholarship. Now apparently Illinois and Lovie Smith couldn’t be outdone as they have offered a 10 year old from Louisiana, Bunchie Young, a scholarship to come play football for the Fighting Illini.

And we all thought Jim Harbaugh was insane with his recruiting tactics. What’s next? Is someone going to offer a college football scholarship to a baby as soon as the umbilical cord is cut? It’s interesting how you don’t see legit college football programs pulling stunts like this. Like you don’t hear about Nick Saban or Urban Meyer offering scholarships to elementary school kids. Dabo Sweeney isn’t hanging out at the playgrounds, that would just be creepy, or at pop warner games looking to recruit the next Deshaun Watson to come play football at Clemson. It’s only these joke college football programs. But I guess they have to do something in order to get people talking about their programs because for sure the play on the field isn’t going to do it. That is the only reason why news like this makes sense. Just a big publicity stunt. Other than that maybe they have to recruit these kids so young because, if they wait until they are in high school, it might be too late. Got to get them to commit to your school before they choose to go to a legit big-time D-1 football program. Shooters got to shoot. I guess.

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